Creating & Sustaining Momentum

Hope all is going well in your world. A few thoughts on creating and sustaining momentum below. Make sure you watch the 3min video clip - well worth it!
— Cheers Josh & Em

Addington Coffee Co-op

Some thoughts on creating and


It is often said that a ship going nowhere is impossible to steer. The same is true if you have ever had the opportunity to ride a jet ski. 

So how do we create and sustain momentum within a project, business or community organisation?

Emily and I recently attended a seminar by Antz Watt which addressed some of these questions.

Antz was one of the co-founders of the Addington Coffee Co-op, the Addington Intentional Community and has been involved in a number of other community facing initiatives.

I believe StrengthsFinder and strengths coaching has a lot to offer in regard to understanding ourselves and others.

Here are Antz's 5 Keys to sustaining momentum:

1. Know what makes your team tick

Understand what motivates them, what success looks like in their eyes, why they are involved, what makes them laugh or cry, what they dream of. Tell stories which connect with them. 

2. Remove Barriers

As far as possible remove barriers to working together or achieving the objective. This can sometimes be simple steps and at other times take considerable patience and growth from ourselves and others.

3. Lament Well

Ant's observation was that when change or loss was acknowledged and processed well, it draws people together. If it is not, then it can have the opposite effect. All change (even if for good) involves loss of some kind. 

4. Celebrate Well

It is really important in a team context to celebrate together and enjoy each other's company. Sometimes we get too focused on getting there that we forget to enjoy the journey.  

5. Speak in the Kingdom

In order to achieve a vision you often need to speak it into reality. Sometimes casting the vision many times before people are ready.

Speaking in the kingdom is a continual process, your team need to see progress towards your objective. It is really important to keep noticing and highlighting the small steps of progress towards your goal. Leaders need to become good telling the stories of small change in order to build and sustain momentum.
— Antz Watt

Thanks to Antz for his insights. If you are keen to find out more about the Addington Coffee Co-op, Jailbreaker Roastery or their Fair Trade Store - check out their website


How to start a movement

How to start a movement - 3min

This is an exceptional talk which has been watched by over 4 million people and captures some key leadership lessons in less than 3 minutes.

His use of a video featuring a crazy guy dancing at a music festival, very effectively shows the power of the first follower.