The power of all that we share

A few updates from us below and some thoughts on the power of all that we share.
— Josh & Emily

The Power of...


I recently came across this very clever and inspiring advert created by a TV Station in Denmark ("All that we share").

It highlights our natural tendency to box people and how wrong our assumptions can be.

When watching the video it struck me that there are many similarities between this exercise and 'StrengthsFinder Team Coaching'.

If you watch the 3min video, you will see that barriers begin to disappear, as people begin to appreciate and understand each other at a deeper level.

I have seen this same shift also occur in team coaching sessions.

If you are looking to draw your team together we can help. The power of understanding our similarities and our differences is undeniable (especially when the conversations starts with and is focused on people’s strengths).

Team Building Using Strengths

Emily and recently invested in additional training, so we can now offer team and partnership (or couples) strength coaching. 

Team coaching is a hugely powerful tool which leverage StrengthsFinder, to help you get the best out of your team.

Understanding how your team members best function and how you can better work together to enhance your overall outcomes (while also doing more of what you love) is an awesome way to improve team dynamics.

From a management perspective the gains are also clear. Team members who actively focus on using their strengths are 600% more likely to be engaged in their jobs and workplaces.

// If you are interested in a team building strengths coaching session please get in touch or check out our website for additional details