1. Individual Coaching

What is Strengths Coaching?

Strengths Coaching is focused 1-1 discussion with a qualified coach after completing the online assessment. In your coaching session you will have opportunity to talk through your strengths with one of our team. Figure out how to get the best out of them and better understand how they can work for you.   


Who is it for?
Individual Strengths Coaching is highly recommended for anyone completing the Clifton Strengths Finder Assessment. 

  • For individuals this is one of the best personal development tools available. From students, through to CEO's Strengths Finder is equally applicable. 
  • For groups undertaking strengths based team building sessions it is recommended that each team member receives an individual coaching session in order to first understand themselves and their natural tendencies and attributes a bit better. 


Where do I get an online assessment access code?

If you are keen to complete the Clifton Strengths Finder online assessment, please get in touch to arrange an access code.


Why get coached?
Like most learning opportunities we get the most out of them when we talk them through with others. Our coaches are trained to ask you the key questions needed to help you understand and leverage your strengths.

It is also quite fun discovering how you are naturally wired.


What do I need to do to prepare?
No detailed preparation is needed. The best thing you can do is print your strengths report and highlight the phrases that standout for you.


How much does it cost?

We think it is important that people to invest in themselves and in others. We believe in every person having the opportunity to reach their potential so offer a discounted rate for non-profit community organisations.

Clifton Strengths Finder Assessment Access Code NZD $15
Individual Strengths Coaching Session NZD $150 (Commercial rate), NZD $85 (Non-profit rate)


How do I sign up?
Enquire now - get in touch we would love to hear from you.



2. Team Building & Group Coaching

Who is it for?
Looking to enhance the potential of your team?

Group Strengths Coaching and Team Building Sessions are an amazing way to help get the best out of any team.

Understanding how your team mates best function and how you can better work together to enhance your overall outcomes (while also doing more of what you love) is an awesome way to improve team dynamics. 

  • Corporate Teams
  • Community Organisations
  • Government Departments
  • Strategic Planning and Team Building Sessions


What is involved?

  1. Assessment - All team members will complete the online Strengths Finder Assessment via an access code provided by Southern Strengths (Approx. 45min - to be completed prior to your event).
  2. Individual Coaching - In general we recommend each team member is individually coached prior to a team session. However, in some circumstances a group session can be arranged prior to individual coaching.
  3. Group Coaching / Team Building Session - This can be a half or full day depending on the requirements of the and size of the group. In general it involves both building people up and enhancing team work. Identifying what they do well and areas where they can partner with others to enhance outcomes for both parties.


How much dose it cost?
Price on application. Please get in touch. Our Team Building and Group Strengths Coaching Sessions are normally priced on a day rate, with a variable component for access codes depending on numbers. 


Do you have a venue?

Yes we have access to an amazing function space at the Bizdojo. Rental cost depends on requirements.


Adventure Activities Option:

If you are interested in an interactive session as part of your event we can also arrange indoor Adventure Based Learning Activities (ABL) which are great for team building. Or if you are more adventurous we also have access to kayaks, standup paddle boards and mountain bikes if you wish to add an afternoon adventure component to your team building or strategic planning session.


How do I sign up?
Enquire now - we would love to hear from you.