1. When ordering a Strengths Assessment Access Code, a code will be emailed to you. Use of this code will be taken as an indication that you also agree to pay the associated NZD$15 fee. Please not that as the code can only be used a limited number of times this charge will apply whether you finish the assessment or not. 
  2. Coaching fees are as specified. These may vary by organisation or individual at the discretion of Southern Strengths and are payable upon completion of the coaching.
  3. For businesses and larger organisations, services will be invoiced. Fees not paid within 20 working days of being invoiced will incur a 10% penalty and collection fees.


  1. Matters discussed within coaching sessions are deemed to be private conversations and professional discretion will be used.
  2. Coaching session discussions will only be shared in cases where either the person being coached or others are deemed to be at risk of harm or where required to do so by a court of law. In these circumstances relevant information may be shared.